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ultimate trend: Perspex

Hey sweethearts!!
This is the post that I was talking about in the last ones..
One of the ultimate trend for this season is surely perspex, I mean accessories made with part of it!!:D
Almost every famous designer made it and the most popular thing is surely the heel.
You can find tons of perspex shoes and accesories and now i'm gonna show you some:)

Ei bellezze!!
Questo è il  famoso post di cui vi parlavo nei post scorsi..
uno degli ultimi trend è sicuramente il plexiglas, voglio dire, gli accessori fatti con esso!!:D
Praticamente tutti i più famosi designer lo hanno utilizzato, soprattutto come tacco.
Potete trovarne a tonnellate di scarpe o accessori e adesso ve ne mostrerò qualcuno :)

Let's start with accessories, expecially with these perspex clutch both from Charlotte Olympia.
The first one in also interchangeable (with other two printed pouches).
You can find both here
This is a perspex bracelet from Adele Marie.
You can wear it with almost anything for a very casual look, and it has Adele Marie's logo on it.

This is just an example of a cross perspex bracelet that i found on Tumblr and that I love.
PS if anyone knows the brand please let me know!!:)

And now the main!!
Let's start with these pair of  Alexander McQueen's sandals. Here as you can see there's only a little detail made of perspex. These shoes are also available in bright pink.
Here's another pair of great sandals perspex heeled.
They're from Stella McCartney and I love them!They're so colorful and perfect for summer!!
If you want/need to stay more confortable these Donna Karan wedges will be absolutely perfect!
But it's not all about high heel and wedge!You can also get these boots from Maison Martin Margiela.
They're made with mesh and perspex and you can wear it with everything!!
PS they're also available in black!

These up there were the "expensive option",but my job is to find something similar with a lower price, are they:D
Let's start with these perspex heeled sandals in cream and these similar decolleté!!
both from Mango!

Then let's move to these babies..also sandals and also decolleté.
Both from Zara..

Let's conclude with these decolleté, that most of you will instantly reconize..Werelse for Mango Touch neon heeled decolleté.
They're will be available here from the 12th of April!

So what's your favourite??
Do you like this trend or not??
I love it!!Let me know guys:)


PS. In a couple of hours I'll leave for my easter holiday, I'll spend 3 days on French Riviera, YAY so excited!
So I won't post for a couple of days..Happy easter to all of you!!

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  1. a parte quelle di Matin Margiela che BRRRRR orrore, le altre le trovo stupende! Bellissime le clutch!
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  2. cute!!!


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