mercoledì 8 febbraio 2012


Hi everybody:)
The first time I saw these shoes was on MK Olsen and I instantly fell in love with them!!

She's wearing Sam Edelman's Zoe shoes, and I think they're totally amazing!They've got a very strong attitude,don't you think??
In the first picture she's wearing the brown ones. In the others the black leather's one:)
Which is your favorite?As you can probably imagine I like the black ones:D

There's still another color avaiable,discover it here !!!
But,if the price is out of budget for you,there's always a cheaper option..

Guess where they came from??One of my favourite online shop..

Do you like them??Which color do you prefer?

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  1. loved! i want one ;)
    I'm following your blog right now sugar



Thanks for your lovely comment:)

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