lunedì 6 febbraio 2012

Ruthie Davis VS Nelly Shoes

So this is a real battle!
I personally love everything that have studs on, so you can probably imagine my reaction when I first saw these shoes.
Look at this!they're AMAZING!I don't know what I could say more!:D
Unfortunately my happiness fade away when I looked at the price, totally out of budget:(
Buuuut, after days of searching, I found a similar pair at Nelly...YAY:D:D
Here they are:
I think they're even more amazing than the Ruthie's one. I couldn't resist so I bought a pair for myself and I can proove that they're worth it!So if you like this style you have to buy it,trust me;)
PS. If you don't like this color they're avaiable in black and green too:)Check 'em out here .
If you prefer the Ruthie Davis one check them here

L xoxo

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