giovedì 2 febbraio 2012

Burberry trench coat

Hi everybody:)
These days it can't stop snowing in italy!it's really cold and freezing outside!
I'm not a big fan of winter and the only thing that I can think when I look outside is that I really can't wait for spring to come..
I can't wait to leave my quilted jacked,my wool scarf,my gloves and everything else in the wardrobe and start wearing spring clothes!One of the best article of clothing of all time for spring is surely the Burberry's trench coat.
It's a classical,very sophisticated piece that a fashionista has to have in her wardrobe.And this version with black leather sleeves is even more beautiful don't you think??:)

This is the real Burberry version and here's the cheapest one:)

What do you think??For me they look almost the same;)

2) Romwe

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