venerdì 21 settembre 2012

Every week a new dress with the SHORTCUT!

Have you ever open your wardrobe and found tons and tons of dresses (maybe even expensive ones) that you wore just once?or maybe had more than one event and party in the same week end, and had nothing to wear??I bet it happend to you too!
So, to resolve this problem I introduce you to the SHORTCUT, an online site where you can borrow dresses for a week end for ONLY £14,99 all with free delivery and return!How amazing is that?!
There are always new beautiful dresses and I'm sure you'll find exactly the one that you're searching for..
So!You go to, you choose your fave dress, you go to your parties at the week end and monday you return to them for only £14.99!!

Unfortunately this is only available in the UK :( But check the site anyway, it's worth it :)

Vi è mai capitato di avere l'armadio pieno di vestiti comprati (magari anche a caro prezzo) e che alla fine avete indossato una volta sola?oppure di avere più eventi e feste nello stesso week end, ma di non aver nulla da mettere?Scommetto che è capitato sicuramente!!
Per cui vi presento un nuovo sito inglese, the SHORTCUT, dove potete noleggiare uno dei tanti abiti presenti nelle liste per un week end pagando solo £14.99!!Purtroppo non spediscono al di fuori dell' UK :(
ma vi consiglio di dare comunque un'occhiata al sito per farvi un'idea :)

For example this is my fave dress of the week..go and find yours :)


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  2. I love this dress :)
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  3. I have just received a dress from Shortcut, they are a fab site :)

  4. so cuuuteee :)

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  7. grazie mille :)!

    awn, adorabile questo dress ;)
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  8. Amazing post. Your blog is great. I totally love it!!!
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    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


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