martedì 20 marzo 2012

Chloé Marcie bag!

Hey guys:)
Here's one of the latest "similar" find!

Ciao a tutti:)
Ecco qui una delle ultime scoperte "simili"!

This is the Chloé "Marcie" bag. It's leather made and it has a classical look, perfect for every occasion.
You can find it (in other colors too) here!

Questa è la borsa "Marcie" di Chloé. E' di pelle e ha un look davvero classico, perfetto per ogni occasione.
Potete trovarla qui!

And this is the cheaper version..

The price is way lower but, surprise!it's leather made too!!(well it probably won't be the same as the Chloé one but...) :D
It's from Urban Expression and you can find it here

Il prezzo è decisamente minore e, sorpresa!anche questa è di pelle!!(bè probabilmente non sarà lo stesso tipo di pelle che propone Chloé ma..) :D
E' di Urban Expression e potete trovarla qui

Both bags are also available in other colors, so go and check them out!!:)

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  1. Hello dear, we are following you on GFC, can you follow us on bloglovin? ;) thank you, kisses, KATEFP

  2. have you ever tried you'll get notified if the price drops for a certain product :)

    1. no I've never tried before!thanks a lot I will check it ;)

  3. the color of the first bag is really great :)

    xoxo Daisy

  4. Amo questo genere di borse :) stupende

    passa da me, RINGS POST ON MY BLOG



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