sabato 11 febbraio 2012

Shop the trend: Summer shoes!

Europe is completly under the power of the Siberian Wind. The temperature are several degrees below zero in many cities. I'm really sick of it and all I can think about is summer!Wearing shorts, skirts, tank top, sandals..CAN'T WAIT
So I was surfing trough internet searching for the best shoes to wear this's my favourites:)
Goodbye black..hello bright colors!Look at those shoes!imagine it with a mini dress at a beach party..get them all  here:)

Decolleté, platform and sandals..get them here.

How about these ones??check it here !!
PS. Mint is the best color for this season!!;)

Do you like them??OMG now I'm even more impatient :D

Remember they're all under $100!!!!

6 commenti:

  1. Love the mint ones...I think mint is this season's trend...
    Thank you for your comment and I hope see you again!!!I follow you from now on...

    1. yes,it definately is!!:)
      i'm surely check your blog again,i really like it:)xx

  2. love the first pairs!!

  3. OOOO i'm def loving all these shoes....but i am feeling the green creepers.

  4. i can't believe they are all under 100! i want them all


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